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Act as a Multi-User-Dungeon Backend (MUD)

GPT-3 chat can be the back-end for an AI generated multi-user-dungeon.
In this case the MUD is an AI’s mind.
It turns out the commands can be flexible and they are interpreted well.

Some example: ‘game-play’

$> look
You are in a small, dark room. It is cold and damp, and you can hear the sound of dripping water in the distance. You see a faint light coming from a crack in the wall to your east.

$> search exits
To your east, you see a faint light coming from a crack in the wall. To your west, you see a closed door.

$> go west
The door is locked.

$> search
You find a small key on the ground.

$> get key
You pick up the key and hold it in your hand.

$> unlock door west
The door unlocks and opens.

$> go west
You enter a long, narrow hallway. The walls are lined with old, dusty paintings. At the end of the hallway, you see a staircase leading up.

$>look painting
The paintings are old and covered in dust. They depict various landscapes and scenes from what appears to be centuries ago.

You find a small notebook on the ground.